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Kaspersky AntiVirus, a reliable and effective tool, protects your computer from various threats including malware, dangerous web-resources, e-mail viruses and phishing scams. In addition to improved performance, the newest version of this popular solution has become even more convenient for users. 

In our technological era, it is very important to maintain the protection of information systems against unauthorized access and other malicious actions – keep your PC safe and secure with the Kaspersky AntiVirus 

Multi-tiered protection strategy

Kaspersky AntiVirus uses the traditional scanning mechanism that compares suspicious software with digital signatures of known viruses. While searching for signs of malware, the Antivirus also analyzes the behavior of programs you already have installed. 

Home users can browse safely thanks to the Hybrid Protection – a powerful tool that gathers and analyzes the information from over 400 million computers with Kaspersky AntiVirus installed. This innovative tool rapidly detects and prevents attacks, while the Webcam Protection keeps you free of hacking cameras and tracking your user data. 

Kaspersky AntiVirus provides excellent protection for your computer, with an easy and convenient control center that is suitable for even a novice user. At the same time, experts will find a variety of additional options.

Essential Features

  • Security Program Mode allows only trusted applications to run
  • Meta-scanner looks for fragments of code that can perform malicious functions
  • Protection against the exploits does not allow attackers to use loopholes in the system
  • URL scanning module does not allow you to go to attacker sites
  • Anti-Phishing protects your personal information,
  • Rescue Disk allows you to boot from it in a case of system failure

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  • License: 3 PC Download (1 Year)
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