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Take your Windows 8.1 experience to the next level with this Windows 8.1 Pro Pack Upgrade — it's quick, it's easy and it gives you access to all of the professional features of Windows 8.1 Pr. Make your PC work for you in all aspects of life — whether you use it to create, play, discover, connect, work or a combination of them all.

With Windows 8.1 Pro, you receive the comprehensive defense of data encryption for your entire drive with BitLocker Drive Encryption, which helps block hackers from accessing system files or physically removing your drive from your PC to install it into a new one. The Remote Desktop feature lets you access your home PC from your work PC — use all of your apps, files and network resources as if you are sitting right in front of your home computer for the ultimate in convenience. Easily join your job's workgroup on a network with Domain Join, so you can share file and printer settings, stay connected to the network and more. Get the professional edge. Upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro.

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